Hotel consulting companies that provide task force managers and directors have a variety of vetting processes to ensure that a hotel receives an individual who has a level of knowledge and experience that is beneficial to revenue gain, training, and client relationships.

They know what faucets to turn on and how hard, they know how to navigate contracts, client and employee relations and how to build and promote cohesiveness to the team members. A hotel task force individual can provide piece of mind while you take your time to search for the right individual for your culture and position versus feeling a sense of urgency to fill a vacancy.

There are a variety of different ways based on the client needs. Hotel task force individuals have weekly, hourly, and monthly rates depending on the task. Charging per project or per task is also an available option by hotel task force companies.

Too many to name! The most common request is to fulfill with a task force member is a group sales manager. Hotel task force can be provided for most positions within hospitality.

Yes, many industries within hospitality are facing monumental financial loses and talent lay off’s which will take months maybe even years to recover from. Hotel Task Force can assist hotels and restaurants through this time by offering remote services, per project services and hourly rates to assist during this time. Each client need is different, hotel task force can work with you to minimize your loss and in turn create market gain. For your convenience we have created a COVID FAQ page.

Contracting for a business travel task force sales manager is a huge benefit during the busy RFP season. The task force managers have worked within the various RFP portals and are well versed in the needs of the companies requesting business traveler rates.

Hotel task force managers and directors remain a part of your team until the need has been fulfilled.

Yes, many hotels located in seasonal markets or hard to hire markets utilize hotel task force instead of hiring full time employees. You are easily able to increase your staffing levels with hotel task force during your peak periods which allows your operation to run smoother and most cost effective.

A standard hotel task force agreement is used or if your company has a specific agreement that is required, the document can be reviewed and, in most cases, utilized.

One-way hotel task force can help is provide conference service planning per event. Whether remotely or on property, the task force team member can work with your meeting planner to plan the event. The task force conference service manager will communicate with your operational team on-site and ensure all BEO’s, Resumes, diagrams, etc. are completed and distributed for the events success.

The jobs are endless on how a hotel task force company can assist your hotel. Inputting information such as menus, templates, updating client records, setting retraces, etc all can be accomplished by one call to a hotel task force company.

A Hotel Task Force Director of Sales is often called upon to assist onboarding and training a new Director of Sales. This eases the burden of the on-property team and allows the new DOS to get properly trained on Standard Operating Procedures and traditional tasks needed from a Director of Sales including budgeting, marketing, forecasting, goal setting and management.

No, as many job needs can be fulfilled by the hotel task force manager remotely. In some cases, clients ask for a hybrid schedule such as on hotel property for one week and work remotely for 3. Whatever makes sense for the job and for the hotel.

Using a hotel consultant company to sort out “are we doing the right thing, the right way” is beneficial. They provide a neutral look at your market potential, provide hotel process evaluation and solutions, review of team members to ensure the team talents are being utilized, and much more. The hotel consultant will provide a complete hotel analysis with a road map working next to you to ensure success.

Social media and the hotel website are two critical locations for communication to your potential hotel guests. Slowly but surely people will return to traveling however their expectations and focus are turned toward safety and cleanliness. A hotel consultant company can monitor and communicate within your social media platforms to ensure your guests know what you are doing to ensure their safety and the safety of your team members. Responding to your reviews, whether negative or positive has always been important. Now more than ever and the hotel consultant can ensure that it’s done in a professional manner.

Fast forwarding, the pandemic is over, we have a vaccine and more meetings are happening, business travel is coming back and we see a light at the end of the tunnel. A hotel consultant company can provide task force members to evaluate what your hotel sales structure, hotel operational structure and provide revised Standard Operational Procedures for post pandemic operation. How your hotel was structure pre pandemic may not be the why it will be most successful post pandemic. A hotel consultant company can assist navigating to ensure a successful operation.