Hotel Marketing to Meeting Planners

PMA's approach to assisting our hotel clients with Meeting Planner marketing is to offer highly targeted programs.

For various reasons - all part of our learned best practices - none of these meeting planner marketing tools works particularly well alone.

But they do produce results when combined and followed up on.

They don't want to be bothered with telephone calls.
We understand that as there is more work to be done by fewer people. Each planner has more on the plate of current and future planning that avoids chaos. We hear this . And hear this.

But they will respect a well researched, helpful call that solves problems or at least looks as if it will solve at least a challenge.

They tend not to open mail.
But they will save a post card that has a real offer that might be useful in the future.

But they will open up a personalized letter that respects them.

They will pass up a generic email.
But they might look at a personalized one that addresses their business needs and challenges now and in the future.

We try to combine all the communication methods. That is the ideal. That process a real ROI.

Usually, we are only able to do one or two parts.

Lists of Meeting Planners

We use either the hotel's own lists, our lists, or a bought-in list that fits specific parameters.

Sales Managers seldom have the time to work all their own hotel's clients in depth. We do have the time. That is the best place to start always.

We design with the client the message, the copy and the look. We execute from beginning to end using all of our knowledge.

We use web landing pages and specific domain addresses to further the message.

We send the piece - at least twice - with full feedback, open rate, who opened, who clicked on what. Each email address that did an action is compiled into a follow up list for further action.

The web pages collect more data. We hold that and analyse it.

Cost for all this: from only $1200 using our own list of 3500 meeting planners who have booked luxury independent hotels.

Direct Mail:
We again take it from message through to delivery into the post office.

We use web landing pages for this communication method so that we get some feed-back.

From 60 cents a piece to $2.00 for a fully personalized hand written greeting and signature. Depends, of course on the quantity and size of message.

Telephone Prospecting:

First of all we start with Senior sales managers. We have highly skilled, mature with decades of successful sales experience in all varieties of properties and markets. They research a call. They know whom they're calling. They don't just dial. They get our clients business and turn it over to the sales manager on property who is responsible to close it.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.