Special Weapons and Tactics unit: SWAT Team
Business Development and Transitions

That's our team of seasoned hotel sales managers who are the sales task force - the SWAT team for sales. They bring their special Sales Weapons to bear on the hotel and start to bring in revenue.

This is the hotel sales team that goes into hotels for transition.

They are so skilled, so knowledgeable, so thorough. They need no training. They know the markets, they know the customers.

They will lead the sales team in the hotel to new goals. They will build the orders, they will beef up the sales forecasts. The GRC will look good.

That's what they can do. Give them the tools and they will bring millions.

And that's not hotel hyperbole.

We assure you.

They do help. They do become part of the sales team.

We are low maintenance, motivated and aware. Your agenda is our agenda, pure and simple.

We get down to business.

Your hotel sales task force to add revenue quickly, to assit in transition.

We' re just there as long as we're needed. Then we're out of the way.

Even if a hotel sales department is fully staffed, there are times when a hotel is challenged in a market or finds itself losing market share. At that time, we can provide additional sales power.

We can prospect.

Put us in a room, give us a list and close the door. We'll come out 8 hours later with some new leads and some good potential for your permanent team members to work on.

We can work the current account list for clients who have dropped by the wayside.

How many hotels - with turnover and other distractions - feel that they have not kept in touch with past clients who may be able to bring more business.

We'll get on the phone and make contact with them and then turn over the good leads to your team.

We'll clean up your list and delete names that are no longer with a company to save the time of your team.

We're ready to go.

Our staff have current client contacts in every market segment.

Most of the clients you might have on your list we already know.

And we know some that might be new good business for your property.

We're here to give the hotel sales team re-enforcement when it's needed.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.