Hotel Sales Prospecting -
telemarketing for Hotel sales

Or Hotel New Business Development - it's all the same thing - getting new revenue opportunities and reviving old contacts.

We do this with with Senior Sales managers who research the call and can attract the business. They know how, they have the talent.

Not telemarketing - real sales.

The Senior Sales Managers Who Do The Research, Do the Calls

PMA has a senior sales manager team - each have worked in a variety of properties - leisure resort to urban Corporate hotels; CMP convention properties to boutique luxury, and have handled all the markets.

Not Telemarketing
They know how to research. They know how to listen and probe.

They learn the property. They know the markets. They are home based now with family responsibilities. They are proven, mature producers.

The probing leads to real business opportunities for the client.

Calls are significantly better received by the planners when the caller is intelligent about their business and their meetings history.

Therefore, our team are seasoned senior sales managers with detailed market experience and are proven producers.

We can all work simultaneously from home with a centralized web based database that we upload. Or if we deem it faster and more productive, we can work separate parts of lists.

All information is updated. All leads are sent through immediately to the property for follow up and close.

All Hot Leads are copied immediately to the DOS. The DOS is able to track each lead for production.

Every week we produce a full report of calls made, contacts made, $ amount of leads produced and who is responsible for working them.

We like to do a weekly conference call so that the team and their DOS are in sync.

So where do we start from?

Whose lists and what lists?

We prefer to work from the hotels' own lists of lost business, of unworked business. We all know that few hotel sales teams actually do work all the lost business. They seldom have the time and seldom have the inclination.

"That list is junk - a waste of my time."
This is just the way of it. And there is truth to it.

Our job is to turn the list into revenue production.

Working with the hotel's lists, we can either plug straight into Delphi or other sales tool and work the data updates directly so that the list is cleaned and ready for continuous on-property work or return a worked list with annotations in electronic format.

We have our own lists that we can work: 45,000 contacts
Meeting Planners, Travel Managers, Incentives, Travel Agents. We research the needs of the client as set against our lists and reference/research tools.

We can go out and acquire a particular list and backcharge the cost.
Work it and turn it back to our hotel with a useful set of annotations for a Sales Manager on property to work next year.

The ROI for our prospecting is exceptional.

Here is one from the Downturn Recession - just in November, 08.

  • For a resort not set to open until 2009, Cindy was able to find $342,900 of opportunity in just 40 hours of calling in November for a resort in a 4th tier area that will not open until mid '09 and has no track record from which to work.

Here is another - from December of 08 for Jan - Feb 09 Business

  • In the midst of the revenue cliff in December, Shannon alone, with just 20 hours of calling, found $381,232 of opportunity for a known Westin franchise in a suburban area near a 2nd tier city .

All in the current market recession. Not from the good times. They have gone - left us for at least 4 years.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
From the good time

For one recent client, we had two callers, one updating in Delphi all details and the other working "off the grid" and not updating as the list was external.

In 405 hours, they made 4,153 calls. These calls included people they spoke with, wrong numbers, and out of order numbers. The actually made 1,136 total hits where they spoke with a planner. On this project, we had 62 actual leads for meetings for a total of $1,021,000.

For another recent client, our Team was updating directly into Delphi. She was on property and was working a 40 hour week.

She was not calling 100% of her time, since she was covering for other sales people, conducting site inspections and going to the occasional meeting. However her prospecting numbers are impressive.

In a 15 week period, she generated 44 leads worth $1,722,000 by making 1,369 prospecting calls. These calls were from lists that were not part of the hotel's database but are now.

Depending on the project, our hourly charge is $35 to $40 per hour per team member. Simple.

Additional costs might include expenses and time for a site visit, costs of list bought for the project, and report production time at the hourly rate.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.