An Overview of our

- Consulting - Hotel Sales
- Consulting - Hotel Marketing

The resources that we bring to hotel sales consulting . . .

We start with hotel interim staffing from sales managers right up to interim Hotel General Manager.

Then we can look at all the issues.

Find ways to get on the needed track.

Plan the way forward and do it with "buy-in".

When we leave , the sales team needs to make it all happen with even more passion.

Help the team implement that way forward.

Just above, you will see a menu bar with an item titled "helping you with"

This lists all the hotel consulting services that our team can bring to bear for our clients.

Why Panetiere?
How are we different at hotel sales consulting?

We're not scary folks. We get the job done and we hope to have a good time doing it with you.

We try to avoid "consulto-speak". We have to as we don't understand it ourselves.

As a Hotel Marketing consultant group, we bring all of our collective knowledge to bear on a hotel marketing situation. We know what works for hotel marketing. We know what doesn't work for marketing hotels. We know where not to spend and why.

We know what is vanity and what is reactionary hotel marketing. We try to know where to spend and why.

Because we are hotel people, we know when to ask the Advertising Agency to lay off the print and start to think again.

When we act as the "Agency" for our hotel marketing clients, we can get the marketing job done with exceptional speed and precision.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.