With Holistic Hotel Revenue Management the hotel also gains Internet Marketing that beats out anything available

Channels and Tools Included

1. Reviews for and by your travelers and under your/our control: hotelresortreviews.org

2. Travel Wholesalers and Agents - opaltravel.com

3. Corporate - business travel managers - opalcorporatetravel.com

4. Brides and Wedding Planners - with Instant Estimator- opalweddings.com

5. Meeting Planners with Instant Estimator for Millenials - opalmeetings.com

6. Incentive Houses with Instant Estimator for Millenials - opalincentives.com

7. Budget searches without losing rate integrity - Affordable Luxury - affordablehotelluxury.com | economicalluxury.com

8. General searching for locales, types, activities - opalhotelsandresorts.com

E-commerce Infrastructure

1. Your own web based Guest Comment system with full reporting and real-time feed back myguestcomments.org

2. myhotelsalesoffice.net > CRM loaded with over 45,000 prospecting contacts
Extensive CRM program that will in one year also become a space booking and BEO tool.
This is available for the on-property team to maintain all sales process, all sales data and manage the sales and contact details.

3. Your own full e-mail sending program - full text merge, full individual data base sending, full reporting, full carry-one communication tree with every acted on e-mail.

Communication Infrastructure

1. myhotelsalesoffice.net as the CRM.

2. WebEx Video conferencing system - for hotel team and clients.
This tool is available for the on property team to use as they need.

3. Intranet for all projects, time lines.

4. Intranet Wiki - for all Best Practices and open ended discussions.


Virtual Hotel Revenue Management for HireHolistic Revenue logo
from a Hotel Revenue Management Consultant Team

Hotel Revenue Management - 85% Remote - Virtual
Save cash flow for the big Downturn
while gaining market share

Gain exceptional expertise, gain share, cut costs.
While gaining hotel revenue management procedures, SOPs - tool kit, best practices.

What is it - Virtual Holistic Revenue Management for Hire?

Two formats for managing revenues, reputation, integrating with sales team - 85% remote

The point is to improve our partner hotels cash flow and increase market share. The two most immediate needs for the revenue downturn - the RevPAR cliff that we are looking over.


First we audit all the sales and revenue tools. Sit with the hotel's team, gain knowledge, develop trust. Advise. Make corrections.

We plan, strategize, report, advise with the hotel, the DOS, the GM, the owners.

Investment - from $1100 a month .
:: ROI samples >

We do all the above and then we actually manage the rates day by day.

We handle all the sales team rate issues day by day, hour by hour, visit the hotel regularly, become part of the team, lead the reservationists as a sales team, motivate, analyze labor and results.

Investment - from $1700 a month.
:: ROI samples >

What do we mean by "Holistic"?

We look at all the hotel's revenue maximization opportunities as whole - not just as rates, availability, and budget needs.
:: read more >

For Hire?

We do the actual revenue management for a property and 85% of it is done remotely.


To bring exceptional expertise, methodology, contacts, and wisdom to our clients at a significant cost savings.


Increased market share, revenue, rate and reporting that works for the owners, the GM and the Sales Team.

Decreased costs when assuming the role of an on-property person.

What do you get?

- More cash flow
- More share of revenue compared with the comp set
- More RevPAR share in the market
- Less investment in staff and benefits
- Panoply of e-Commerce tools
- 8 revenue producing web sites
- 3 Automated web Instant Estimator tools for core audiences: meetings, incentives, weddings

All this comes at so much less than an on-property revenue manager.

Explaining "Holistic"

A property's traditional revenue management program must be combined with 2 other key factors:

1. The Internet reputation and person to person reputation of the property. Word of mouth - what is being said out there on the Internet about your property will trump any of your other efforts.

2. The activities of the sales team - because they are a critical channel of producing revenue.

We see Revenue Management - the yielding of the highest RevPAR - as a pyramid of many rates and audiences. These rates and their audiences rest on a three-legged
stool supported, again, by:

1) Revenue Management;
2) Internet Reputation
3) Sales Team.

Take any one of them away and the pyramid of rates will fall.
That is what makes our revenue management "Holistic".

Answers to questions about Holistic Revenue Management for Hire

Overview - Further Details

Why do this remotely?

Other Services - that we consult on with our full team to cut costs
and increase revenues:

  1. Holistic Revenue Management Consulting
  2. Holistic Revenue Management Training
  3. Virtual Sales Team
  4. HR - temporary staffing and consulting -reduce turnover and increase cash flow
  5. Service training for empowerment and guest return
  6. Internet Marketing - 7 Fast Fixes
  7. Internet Reputation Management

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Overview - further details about our Holistic Revenue Management

If the rates cannot live in isolation, why not admit it and deal with it?

We must have the three elements working in harmony - Sales Team, the Internet Reputation and the Management of rates - the three legged stool.

This is the all important three-legged stool. Take one leg away and the whole program will fall.

We capitalize on all elements to build a more varied rate pyramid, and a broad range of clients to fill your hotel when you need them.

We work to better the property's Internet Reputation with an overview/research of the current state of the reputation and comments. We offer advice and an action plan which will begin to improve a poor reputation within 60 days. That means immediately more guests and more rate. But we can't get that without the Reputation. Ain't never going to happen. We'll just be playing the dice, not building strong, consistent market share gain, what is what you need.

We work to integrate the Sales Team with an understanding of rates and yielding. We can support them and/or fully train them with new skills, hone existing skills and with time-tested procedures, advice, methodology, communication and coaching.

Then we communicate our ideas and suggestions continuously.

  1. We "Instant Message" with Skype. We are on Skype Internet phone and land lines.
  2. We do weekly conference calls.
  3. We do monthly video Webinars.
  4. We include our CRM - Sales Process software - all web based.
    If the sales department chooses to make use of it, we provide it at no cost to them, as well.
    Another significant cost advantage.
  5. We add a panoply of Revenue Maximization tools to our partner hotels - again at no added costs. Just added revenue. That is our job.
  6. We include many tools to maximize revenue - including Co-Op marketing with our other partners. With your brand not ours - you stand alone in each piece.

Shed Costs and Gain Revenue
eCommerce Tools for hotel revenue maximization - through hotel sales and Internet Marketing
Holistic brought to life . . .

  1. 8 web sites
    Reviews for and by your travelers and under your/our control: hotelresortreviews.org
    Travel Wholesalers and Agents - opaltravel.com
    Corporate - business transient travel for travel managers - opalcorporate.com
    Brides and Wedding Planners - opalweddinglocations.com
    Meeting Planners with Instant Estimator - opalmeetings.com
    Incentive Houses - opalincentives.com
    Affordable Luxury - affordableluxury.com | economicalluxury.com
    General searching access details - opalhotelsandresorts.com
  2. 3 automated Instant Estimator tools to capture leads and booking for the Sales Team
    for smaller meetings, meetings being booked by Millenials - the youtube and facebook crowd
    -for brides
    -for incentives being booked by Millenials
  3. E-communication Tools Included
    1. Your own super Delphi™ -like web based sales & booking tools - hotelsalesoffice.net > loaded with over 45,000 prospecting contacts
    2. Your own web based Guest Comment system with full reporting and real-time feed back - myguestcomments.org
    3. Your own full e-mail sending program - full text merge, full individual data base sending, full reporting, full carry-on communication tree with every acted on e-mail.
    4. WebEx Video conferencing system - for hotel team and clients
    5. Instant Messaging - always up with Skype
    6. Intranet for all projects, time lines
    7. Intranet Wiki - for all Best Practices and open ended discussions

We are easy to access for support. We have a 1800 PBX system that chases us down anywhere.

We plot a course for RevPAR, for longevity, for cash flow and then monitor for quick changes, refinements, or further exploration. We know that yielding is a daily and sometimes hourly process.

We monitor the hotel revenue results so that we can isolate the next opportunity, the next opening in the comp set, changes in the marketplace and prove to you that the "three-legged" holistic program can be successful and a model for your future.

Our philosophy and implementation with your team means that we are in a position with methodology and procedure to impact RevPAR and to impact share almost immediately.

Questions and Answers

You might say: Is it always remote?
Do we ever see you, meet with you face to face? How do we work effectively with you? We need our Revenue Manager here. We need to make decisions all day long.

Because we are on our own Skype Instant Message and Phone network with you, we are available for instant chats, for instant strategy all day long (sometimes, all night long!)

This approach actually saves everyone's time - because we all get right to the heart of the matter at hand. Not idle chit chat. We focus and help your team focus on getting more revenue, your sales managers to prospecting, and us to discovering and supporting.

And your team will have a partner as we are also a team of sales people and embody the need to build business, to be patient yet dogged. To allow the Sales Process to bring home the bacon. We look to three years out, not to just next month. And we argue for that. Passionately.

You might say:
How can the DOS be sure that everything is maxing and all opportunities are being taken into account?

We come to the property with deep knowledge of independent and brand needs and procedures. From these we have culled what are the Best Practices. It is these that we use and refine, adapt, co-opt. Your DOS works so closely with us that she or he may not even realize we are not just down the hall.

We encourage a property not to be locked into a set of presumptions, into just one way of looking at things. We bring many ways of looking at the same challenge and then many known solutions to that challenge. We discuss and strategize with your team - we all make the decision together.

Our team members thrive on being open with their eyes, hearts and logic to all new solutions which they come across. We acknowledge that each property is unique and that your team might have a certain way of looking at things. Our style is inclusive and respectful.

That is how we can be more effective for our hotels.

You might say:
How can we keep all our relationships with the 3rd Parties - the Megas -- Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and the Opaques?

If the relationships are thriving and the hotel is in the top 6 on all the channels - all we will do is bow down to the hotel's skills and help to perpetuate everything that has gone into those relationships. Bravo to you!

If work needs to be done, we do it with the team on property. We know what to do to increase visibility and therefore revenues in each channel. There is no learning curve. And, we already have the relationships with the managers so we can save you valuable time and deliver better positioning to you pronto.

You might say:
How do I know that the hotel will be making more and better yield management decisions under your direction?

We think that you can be pretty certain of that - since we are a holistic team - looking at all the elements. We are Senior Sales people and Senior Revenue Management people. We are Senior Strategists, Senior Internet Marketing consultants - all of which comes into play.

Our team is comprised of a level of professional that many properties would not be able to afford on their own. You "upgrade" with us at a price you can afford.

We have weekly Brain Trust get-togethers for strategy - including our top team members, your "off site" revenue manager and your team members. We know that we are all stronger with shared knowledge. And our knowledge becomes yours.

You might say:
Why will this change be beneficial for us?

More knowledge, tested procedures, collaborative skill sets. Best Practices culled from many situations, many clients, refined SOPs. At an affordable cost.

You might say:
Our Reservations Dept. - what about that?
Who will look after the reservationists if the Revenue Manager is not on site to do so?

If reservations is part of our brief, then we do in fact need a liaison on property who does the day to day people management. ..who called out sick, who needs to rotate with another shift. This would typically be the Assistant General Manager or the Front Desk Supervisor. The day to day scheduling and supervision needs to be handled by an on-premises supervisor and we can assist with this as needed.

Then we add detailed management, motivation, measurement, systems, forms, best practices, reporting, and - most importantly - training - real sales training and service training.

You might say:
Who tracks the reservation call flow and conversion?

We can do that in addition to the core Holistic Revenue Management.

You might say:
Who trains the reservationists?

We do that. That is Holistic Revenue Management.

Reservations is our Front Line to revenue maximization.

You might say:
Who manages the reservationists?"

We do the overall leadership, the training, the talent coaching, the recruiting, all using Skype Instant Message.

We come to the property whenever it is essential in your opinion or our opinion, in addition to our regularly scheduled quarterly visits.

The day to day scheduling and supervision needs to be handled by an on-premises or by the Reservations team themselves. Yes, that is possible, in some cases, advisable. The team can manage itself.

When we analyze the labor costs, we might also suggest using a 3rd party for reservations. This can be highly cost effective.

Our lead Revenue Management Director, Suzie Swan, is also a labor cost analysis consultant.
As we say, this is Holistic.

You might say:
How can we increase revenues by managing remotely?

First, you get a team skilled at all levels, for all kinds of properties,

A team that:
- is constantly thinking about how to yield more revenue out of each sector, each market.
- is highly skilled with every channel: GDS - Internet Distribution Systems - Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire, Lastminute
- is keyed into Consortia, individual agencies, Travel Management Companies
- who knows where marketing on the GDS, and direct to Consortia and Travel Agencies actually can pay off - and where it definitely will not raise a ripple -- so as to not waste time, energy and money
- who know many of the Market Managers at the Megas and the Opaque (if they don't know yours well they soon will)
- who know how to check each rate code for each piece of negotiated business - to make sure that it is actually bookable
- who know to check each consortia rate code
- who know the key people at the consortia to get position, to get benefits, to get into the programs midyear (yes, this is possible with our contacts and experience)
- who know how to work with all configurations and ratios of meeting space, so as to yield the space and the rooms together
- who know to look at rates as a function of Internet Reputation
- who know what to do about the Internet Reputation
- who know budgeting and forecasting
- who have all the tools to analyze and strategize
- who are being fed with new situations from which to learn
- who are forced every day to find a better way
- who know the tricks, the foibles of many of the GDS interfaces
- who know the sales dept and care for sales the sales team like the treasures they are
- who know how to the tools work: STAR, Hotelligence, RateVIEW, MarketVison.

Our off- site team is focused - no operational issues to draw focus away. This is always such a challenge on property - focus for careful numerical thought. We have that focus.

With our team, your hotel management team will discuss historical performance, revenue goals and budget for the hotel in the coming year. Your Panetiere HRMT Manager will also review the various reporting tools that can be used during weekly and monthly conference calls with your hotel management team.

Why do Holistic Revenue Management remotely - 85% remote?

A Revenue Manager needs to focus and analyze

That takes time and concentration - usually two things that are in short supply on property. Don't we all know that!

So we fix that. We focus. We concentrate. We look patiently for cracks in the market. We review all the images, data, reviews, trends and use this in how we choose to advise you.

It is cost effective - save payroll, build revenue share

And that means more revenue to pay bills, provide bonuses for your team, give more profit to the owners.


Startup fee from $3500.
This puts the Holistic Revenue house in order.
This lets us all know where we stand and where the key opportunities lie. We audit everything that will have an effect on Revenue Max.

  • For management, strategy and analysis, while an on-property staff person actually executes the strategy:
    Per month investment of the service is based on the amount of room inventory:
    $1,500 for a hotel with 100 rooms or less
    $2,000 for a hotel with 101 to 200 rooms
    $2,500 for a hotel with 201 to 300 rooms
    $3,000 for a hotel with 301 to 400 rooms
    $3,500 for a hotel with 401 to 500 rooms
  • For management AND execution of strategy, with daily availability for the Sales Team and DOS
    Per month investment of the service is based on the amount of room inventory:
    Variables to the following are Meeting Space and Revenue needs.
    $2,700 for a hotel with 100 rooms or less
    $3,200,000 for a hotel with 101 to 200 rooms
    $4,500 for a hotel with 201 to 300 rooms
    $5,000 for a hotel with 301 to 400 rooms
    $6,500 for a hotel with 401 to 500 rooms

ROI Samples

  • On the first day for a Sheraton franchise in a 3rd tier city, we determined that the Consortia rates were not correctly loaded. We arranged for Starwood to fix the rates and the following day, $8000 worth of Consortia bookings came in.
    At a conservative $4000 a day by 5 days a week by 48 weeks, that equates to $960,000 or an ROI of 44 on JUST that one instant fix. That was just the start.
  • For a Select Service product in a 3rd tier city, we increased rates by 30% to equate to its competition, a Residence Inn product, and added over $1,000,000 in revenue and occupancy.
    That is an ROI of 100.

cost savings + added market share are the keys to cash flow

programs to combat the downturn by saving cash flow, saving resources and building skills and therefore market share