Holistic Hotel Revenue Management Consulting & Training
     - putting the puzzle together

We consult to bring you hotel rev max methods and procedures or we can do it for you with Holistic Virtual Revenue Management for Hire

Hotel Revenue Management Procedures - SOPs -Tools

With a series of hotel revenue management procedures, SOPs and tools, we can craft the solution for each hotel and its team.

Hotel Revenue Management Consulting that solves the issues and sets a path for success.

We can help in assembling and training an active hotel revenue management team and provide the Best Practices strategies, procedures and tools to allow them to succeed in hotel revenue management.

Then our hotel revenue management consultants combine the core actions of the sales team, their negotiated rates, and their group sales.

We wrap it all up in the frame of Internet Reputation.

You can't set rates and values that are too low or too high with respect to what the property is now "publicly" worth or the puzzle will not "hold".

This works to our advantage. We can make the parts fit and the revenue grow.

We call this Holistic Revenue Management. This is not just rates and dates.

And it's not complicated for the hotel sales and revenue teams to understand.

Think of a milking stool, a three legged stool.
It needs all three legs to support the pyramid of market/audience mixes.

Rates and rate movement alone do not support a fine RevPAR mix of market/audience. And that's what goes to the bank

1. We analyze hotel revenue management needs for each client and strategize how to attain hotel revenue maximization of the current business.

2. Then we strategize as to how to yield the hotel's business for higher revenues - higher RevPAR.

3. We analyze rate and rate strategy so as to acquire new business through pairing the right rate with the right micro-audience.

The idea is not just to raise rate but to acquire more business with better aligned rates - aligned to the audiences.

We strategize to capture a higher rated mix of rates to achieve overall better profit in the long run - better RevPAR.

Of course, for some audiences, we may in fact raise rate.

How much revenue can this mean?

One hotel group that we are working with now has seen revenue increases of over $1, 250,000 for just one hotel in one year. And the team is doing it themselves without a revenue manager.

We can impact revenues in just one month, thanks to the Internet and the GDS.

It can be done.

We do it with what we call
"Holistic Revenue Management"
- putting the puzzle together

  • hotel competitive set occupancy and pricing should, of course, be monitored on a regular basis - for hotel revenue management.

  • an active hotel "yield team" - for hotel yield management - which meets weekly to evaluate rate and occupancy levels, can change strategies quickly when demand levels fluctuate - -for hotel revenue management.

  • properties should know the percentage of business each hotel market segment provides, as well as their patterns and booking pace - for hotel revenue management

  • inventory should be tightly controlled. Reservation and sales staff should be well trained to sell only the room types available so as to maximize rate when occupancy and forecasting levels dictate such yielding - for hotel revenue management.

  • citywide pressure should be known well in advance in order to put rate and length of stay controls in place - for hotel revenue management.

  • room types should be organized and priced in such a manner as to maximize rate. Room types must be described properly and creatively both on the GDS system and internally so as to assist in marketing and sales efforts - for hotel revenue management.

  • the various GDS distribution systems should be monitored closely in order to ensure that property rates, special and packages are up to date and properly described - for hotel revenue management.

  • hotel forecasting: we have the tools for hotel revenue management

  • hotel PACE reports:

  • hotel denial reports - turn down reports and analysis

  • writing the truly rich and valuable hotel copy for the right audience - rate and room type both in the GDS and the IDS - a basic of holistic hotel revenue management.

  • managing the relationships with the Megas and the Opaques. This is critical and so powerful for hotel revenue management


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