Hotel National Sales Office
Representation & Hotel Marketing Partnerthe Virtual Sales and Marketing program saves hotel owners cash, brings added expertise. - Internet Marketing and Co-Op Marketing

Unlike most hotel National Sales Office representation groups, we turn-over the rocks for business - nationally and in the back-yard.

Is there another way? We ask ourselves every day.

Independent Hotel National Sales - Resort National Sales

Our team sells independent hotels and resorts nationally and helps the hotel's own sales team find ways to secure more local business. We are all in this together. :
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Franchise Hotels

Many hotel franchisors are left out in the cold by the brand's own National Sales Team. Here we add horsepower that is targeted for that one franchise's success, increase in market share.

Because we are detail oriented, we will also audit and correct all the ways, all the channels that are NOT working. There are always some. Frequently many.

One Sheraton franchise that we started national IBT work for . . . we found on day one that it's consortia rates were not loaded. They even had a dedicated Revenue Manager. We made sure that it was fixed and the next day $8,000 worth of consortia bookings were in the in-box. Multiply that by 4 days a week for 40 weeks = $1 ,280,000. Just waiting. That is holistic NSO.
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Group, Corporate, Leisure corporate and leisure sales - all are included in our National; sales Office for Hotels

We become your hotel's National Sales Office, your hotel's NSO.
And we do so with 8 websites to bring revenue. A sales team that searches under rocks for new business .
We bring a data base of over 45,000 contacts for the hotel's sales team to use as well.
We bring our own web based CRM Sales Process sales tool so that you can track your own work and ours.

Yes, it is possible.

We are aggressively "outbound" with sales - prospecting - new business development.
We are constantly scouring under rocks, in mid-west towns far from Chicago for business for our hotels - that is what our hotel sales representation is. The map adjacent reveals the depth of our coverage.

Our sales representation
is called Virtual Hotel Sales and Marketing

Our Hotel Clients

Here are some of our clients for hotels sales representation>

Our Proactive Hotel Sales Team reaches out these core segments

To whom do we sell our hotels - our hotel representation? All the segments. All proactive. All traced. All tracked. All reported.

  1. Tour and travel/wholesaler
  2. Retail travel agencies - they are the source of bookings via the wholesaler
  3. Consortia and mega-agencies
  4. The sales team at the annual summit meeting in Denver, 2008Independent agencies
  5. Individual corporate transient agencies and on-site agencies
  6. Individual corporate transient negotiators at the corporate level
  7. Destination Weddings
  8. Incentives
  9. Group Sales Representation for Hotel & Hotel
  10. Pharmaceutical and medical
  11. Insurance and financial
  12. Other corporate
  13. Association
  14. Government
  15. Entertainment

Prospect, then research, then prospect.

Why are our sales professionals some of the best in hospitality sales consultants?

We are a meticulous hotel representation sales team.

We do our homework before ever calling on a client therefore we gain their respect from the beginning. We find out what their hot buttons are and we sell directly to those. We do not engage in a "sell-a-thon" with clients, pushing features and benefits that they are not interested in and therefore losing their attention and their respect.

We move quickly, making contact on a timely basis, always calling back quickly and getting the customer what they need fast.

We are honest.

We don't sell something that is not there. We build relationships and develop trust. That is why we get the call when clients need a hotel or want to find out about a destination.

Doors open for us and we open doors for our clients.
We know how and when to ask for the sale. We are not shy, but we are respectful.
We are top producers for our hotels and our clients.

We have to be.

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