No, its not

.Dog looking out door to see what is coming: here it is Internet Reputation Managemnt for hotels & resorts . . like all the other ones.

We run an Internet Reputation Management Program and have been doing so since 2006 - before all the other guys got in on it.

Tripadvisor #76 to #16 in one year.

Google Local & Reviews page views:
47 to 548 in one month.

:: read how you can do it yourself
A 7 and ½ step guide.
It’s the ½ that will do it.

But if you don't have the time and the focus, we can stand by your side.
Investment: $200 to $500 a month depending on how much you want.

  1. We identify and correct Internet Public Relations Issues for our clients in 56 review, forum and blog sites.
  2. We don't just report to our clients, we act for our clients; we manage their visibility and image in forum and blogs, where we develop honest forum and blog entries that will be found by Search Engines.

    The point is to get lots of web real estate for our client - not just one result.
  3. We write and place all the Management Responses.
  4. We provide the tools, the forms,
    the scripts with which the Guest Service staff can get reviews posted and and bad experiences dealt with.

User generated content is where the "truth" comes out and it is our job to ensure that it is the "truth" - not just one viewpoint.

60% to 83% of all US on-line booking is directly affected by user generated reviews, forums and blogs.

And what percent of your own revenue is generated via the web?

Your Internet Reputation directly affects your ability to acquire rate and occupancy.

It directly affects your ability to do Revenue Management.

Revenue management is not about driving rate; it is attracting a valuable rate buyer and therefore acquiring a higher RevPAR.

Your public reputation is a critical determiner here.

This program is part of what we call Holistic Revenue Management.

It all fits together.

:: read how you can do it yourself

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.