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Bewildered girl in airport - like working on a hotel's Internet Reputation,Do It Yourself

Holistic Internet Reputation Management
7 and a half
Not So Easy Steps

It's a revenue killer to have a bad rep on-line.

If you're having anxious Revenue Optimization Meetings, a good and bad reputation are the flip sides of Revenue Optimizers.

Within the review poles, lies the volume of what there is to "optimize".

Everyone knows that now.
Hoteliers know that the buyer is in control now with user generated reviews forums and blogs.

We want you to know that you can gain the control back.

If you want to delve deeper into the following, just send Eric or Cindy an
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How to Empower Your Hotel
and Optimize Your Revenue

1. Find out what's being said - do it yourself or buy a reporting service.
Typically the service will look at 5 to 8 review sites and cost from $45 to $85 a month.
They report only.
The actions needed to create revenue are then in your court.
We recommend looking at 36 sites. Read the list here.

Why so many?

  1. Because there are many sites, forums and blogs that have small yet meaningful niche markets
  2. Because they all offer ways to take over more web real estate for search returns.
  3. If a looker is after small trendy hotel that takes dogs in Wyandotte, how much greater is the likelihood of getting a click if your hotel has 4 of the first 10 results?

Is this possible?
Yes. You can do it.
It takes time but how much more return do you get than throwing money away on "one-hit" PPC that is not even supported by a dedicated landing page?

2. Now, don't let it go to waste.
Use what is being said to develop remedies or bravos for your team. Make it part of the team meetings, part of the executive meeting. Every week. Not just now and then. Build a progression. The best route to more revenue lies through attending to our business - to hospitality.

Better hospitality than your comp set will get you more ROI than anything. Truly. Hospitality = Revenue Optimization.

Nothing new here.
The reviews will help you address hospitality.
Even the rants will have trickles of truth with which to water hospitality.

3. Respond to every review.
All the time, whenever you get a new one.
With passion. Don't let a bad one go to waste or "waste' the hotel.
The response says as much about who and what you are as the review itself does.

Your graciousness under fire - what does that say?
Your willingness to learn and make atonement - what does that say?

If you are emotionally involved DON'T write the response. Hand it off.
Responses are easy, when you are neutral.

Absorb graciously: learn, use, don't justify.

Give a free night - yes publicly. That costs you $20 bucks, the bad reviews cost you many thousands and for many weeks most likely.

Remember THIS is Revenue Optimization.
Not just shifting a rate.

No value in rate shifting if there is less demand. And who has demand now? Who will have demand for the rest of this year? For next year? The next two years?

Respond in Tripadvisor and Google, which just started allowing responses to their own rather than the aggregated reviews.
Expedia is complicated but worth the effort, of course. We can explain how you do it. See Cindy and Eric on the Contact page.

4. Go through this list of review sites, forums and blogs.
Every month.
Find out what is NOT going on and what is. In time you'll learn where you can make impact or correct the repercussions of an impact.
:: have a look at the list that we use.

5. In the forums and blogs, place questions and responses that are valuable for your audiences.

Be real. Be sincere. Be flip. Be irreverent.

SEO the writing. Tripadvisor forum is combed by the Search Engines. You can get five listings on a page that all lead back to your hotel. Yes, it can be done. You can own "Manhattan", corner the real estate. Write real heartfelt stories referring to needs of the lookers/searchers in the audience that you are writing for. Don't fake it. Get real and get revenue.

6. Set up a training program with the Front Desk to get good reviews and stop the doozies.

Prepare "Listening Letters" to hand out to the guest that are less than happy.
Ask them to write their issues down right now, or better yet, the FD person writes for them. Give them an on-line Guest Comment system to use that goes right to the owner and the letter - well that will be on the GM's desk tonight.

Empower the team to offer discounts, free internet, a free night, a free upgrade, whatever. Have coupons ready to hand out.

Get that person into a state of grace - a state where that they don't need to lash out a BAD review. Neutralize.

This is Revenue Management that leads to Optimization.

The Flip Side: a happy guest?
Give that guest the "Happy Letter" that asks them please to take a moment to write a review on Tripdavisor or Google. Give directions as to how to do it.

Find the ways to connect emotionally with a story about the hotel, the people who work there, their needs and passions - a story.

This is Revenue Optimization.

7. Just do it.
Don't wait. Let this program be your Revenue Optimization Meeting this week.
Can you make an impact?.
Sure. One client of ours went, in Tripadvisor, from #76 to #16 in just a year.

There are a series of related actions that can set your work up to have deeper impact.- to make it more visible.

7 and a half:
E-mail us and we'll walk you through where you are stuck.
Cindy Perkins - see her on the Contact page.
Eric von Starck - see him on the Contact page.

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