Interim Hotel Food and Beverage Director

Within our hotel sales consultant team, we have a hotel food and beverage consultant who is our Interim Food and Beverage Director. His experiences enable him to cover this vital revenue and management position until the right hire can be found, until the current director is able to return to the job.

This gives our hotels the room to breath, to function well, and book added revenue and execute it with passion and skill.

Our F & B consultant can step into any open hotel F and B Directorship and fit the needs of the team without ego but with passion and highly honed, mature decision making skills, leadership skills, analytical skills.

He can fit into any open chair as and effective temporary hotel Food and Beverage Director situation, play a low key role, pick up the slack, and figure out with the Executive Committee where he needs to go and what he needs to focus on.

From our hotel sales consulting view of Best Practices, it is always wisest to be able to avoid letting a key position go un-filled. We give the breathing room to fill it with the right candidate.

We sit in the chair, detailing all the current work, unscrambling confusions, opening lines of communication, handling schedules, budgets, marketing plans and initiatives - all as a temporary Hotel F & B Director

The Panetiere hotel interim Food and Beverage Director consultant is assuredly mature as his gray hair attest and has thrived in the hospitality business for a long career of 25 years.

He is low maintenance, hits the ground running with very little ramp up time needed. He can study spread sheets all night and talk turkey with the Chef.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.