Interim Hotel Catering Sales Manager | Convention Services Staff

Within our hotel sales consultant team are two catering sales managers who have extensive experience as interim hotel catering managers.

They are able to step into the catering sales or the convention services side as interim catering sales or interim hotel banquet services members of the hotel's current team

Here at Panetiere, we have built a group of hotel catering sales consultants who have a particular hotel sales skill set.

They can step into any open position in the hotel catering and banquets department and start booking and servicing business right away. They can fit into any situation, play a low key role, pick up the slack and book new business.

As temporary hotel catering sales managers, they will sort out all the current event details, pump out the BEO's, rescue the forgotten bride, and find the way to get the chef to agree.

As a temporary convention services managers, our consultant will figure out the patterns, procedures, the systems, and get the business serviced with passion and joy.

From our hotel sales consulting view of Best Practices, it is always wisest to be able to avoid letting a hotel banquets department "drop the ball" on what the sales team have accomplished. There are no more costly wastes of effort than to lose a client because of a lack of hotel convention and banquet department staff.

We can help with a temporary Hotel Catering Sales Manager, whether as an interim assignment as a Catering Sales Manager or as a temporary Catering Sales Manager: defined period, open-ended or for just a week or two.

The Panetiere team of interim hotel Catering Sales Managers will fill in when positions are vacant, for maternity leaves, and when hotels need extra power in their sales offices for a period of time.

We sit in the chair, detailing all the current work, unscrambling confusions, opening lines of communication, handling inquiries, site inspections and prospecting. We give you time to find the perfect person for the position without compromising booking pace.

The Panetiere hotel interim catering sales team and interim convention services team members are known for their mature and professional ways.

We are low maintenance, hit the ground running with very little ramp up time needed

We are comfortable finding the solution for you with senior, mature, wise Catering Sales Managers as consultants. and if we don't have a team member available, we will strategize with you for a solution.

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