Hotel Guest Service Training

Our job as marketing consultants should be to give our hotel partners the tools to never need us.
In the downturn, the cliff that we are looking over, that is critical.

"Help and get out" so that maximum cash flow is built.

We have several tools to put that into practice but they all, always come back to just one. We all know it. We all try but it so often eludes month after month practice.

If our guests have a great experience they will come back.
If they promote us, more guests will come.

That is why we should no longer be needed. Guest service does it all for us.

Tripadvisor and the 22 other review sites, forums and blogs that we monitor will sing the praises of the hotel. In 07, 83% of all Internet travel buyers used review sites, forums and blogs to aid their value stay decisions, the inference is clear. In one day what we have in the GDS (Travel Agent portals) and IDS Megas and Opaques (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire and hundreds of other 3rd parties) will affect more thought processes about a property than, likely, a year's worth of traditional marketing "buys", of brochures, of handouts, of presentation packets. That all goes way, but what people think of us stays up year after year on the Internet.
:: read more - Internet Reputation Management >

We will automatically gain market share if we can ensure that our guests promote us.

That leads us to systems, procedures and Service Training for Empowerment.

Our Guest Services Empowerment Training is assembled, crafted by our Jennifer Nicholas.

Her core experiences lie in actually doing this for 4 and 5 star resorts -frequently in situations that allow for only quick, efficient training of teams whose focus is elsewhere: 20 year olds in snow resorts. Jennifer also looks after all our Human Resources consulting.

For seasonal resorts that need to ramp up quickly, she has to get results speedily.
Create empowerment rapidly and then reinforce for the rest of the season.


From $5000 up depending on needs and time.

Hotel Guest Service Insurance Procedures

Our front desk methodologies - Pre-arrival calls, Concierge calls, GM welcome letter, Post rooming call, Guest preferences fulfillment. We set these up and train the Front Desk to execute, day after day. All work is self reported and self cross checked. The programs should operate with little traditional top down management.


From $1500 up depending on needs and time commitment for training.

Reservations Training

The hotel reservationists are the front line sales team. We can create exceptional value for our owners by focusing our attention, skills and training here.

In one week, we can start to add thousands of dollars of revenue for every future week

We work with them as sales managers.

We train, refine the scripts, ensure that they have all the tools to excel. While training them, we audit the bonus programs, weekly and monthly incentives, the procedures, he scripts, the tools and work out solutions where needed.

We develop a continuing program for the DOS and the Sales Managers to join and work with the Reservation team every week.


From $2700 up depending on needs and time commitment for training, for procedures and scripts.

Hotel Shop calls

Yes, we do have a shop call program as continued basis for learning and revenue acquisition.
:: read more about hotel shop calls here >


$185 a call including written report and follow up phone call with the DOS or Head of Reservations.

Hotel Labor Analysis

Typically we are to assist our hotels with Reservations Department labor analysis. This comes as part of our assessment a audit of hotel sales.

The hotel reservationists are the front line sales team. We can create exceptional value for our owners by focusing our attention, skills and training here.

A labor effectiveness analysis reveals patterns and solutions.

If warranted, then training is an option.

Self- management of the team is an option and outsourcing to a third party is also a valuable tool.
All based on hotel reservations labor analysis.

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guest service is the front line of sales
it is that which makes us unnecessary.
and that is the way we like it