The Hotel GDS representation options are bewildering. Yes.
What Hotel GDS connection is the best for now and the next 10 year?


What are the impacts of selecting the "right" hotel GDS connection - GDS representation?

We have the opportunity to work with many GDS connection companies and then with their different interfaces: SynXis - Sabre, Pegasus, Softbrands, IHotelier- TravelClick, Trust, Secure Rez, the list goes on and on.

We are able to balance connectivity, one-way, two-way, extranet connection, EZYield, revenue management ease of configuration, reporting, base cost, added costs, help desk non-help desk.

Then we can re-build or build the set-up so that it works with the least effort. So that brain power can be translated easily, not laboriously. Strategy is implemented quickly not slowly or never.

:: Here, we consult on these hotel GDS connection issues and provide a high ROI solution.

Once Chosen, the Hotel GDS connection needs to be maximized.

Then we do that for real added ROI for the hotel.
Either consulting or as the Hotel Internet Marketing 7 Fast Fixes

To maximize revenue, we look at so many variables that mean so much to market share - all accessed through the GDS connection:

Does the hotels GDS copy work?
Is it same old "corpo-speak" that means nothing to our guests, the same old shot of the lobby and the exterior porte cochere? 

Or is it selling the benefits to the audiences?

Communicating images that resonate - and they usually need people in them.

Is it highly, yet ever so subtly, touchy-feely like, SEO'd Yes, SEO'd

Does your hotel on the GDS and IDS have it's locale in its name?

Has your HOD material been gone over with a fine tooth by a fetishist in detail. Have you listed that you have a pool not once but three times? Now, why would we do that?

We can train the Hotel's team to do all the GDS/IDS details or we can do it for them via our 7 Fast Fixes - Internet Marketing for Hotels.

We do all that and then look at where your ranking in the GDS is coming in at. Perhaps, that needs to be moved up?

This is key to revenue opportunity increase. All of it.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.