PMA provides its hotel clients with effective Consortia Marketing - hotel marketing that gets results both short and long term.

This is communication direct to the travel agents via their consortia.

We buy the space at enormous discount because we do so much business with the key consortia for our independent hotel clients.

We craft the offer and the message, we copy write in the ways that we know work.

We have the data. We know the methods to gain real ROI.

We do the artwork - in all its varied sizes and formats.


We provide dedicated Travel Agent websites that allow for deeper information to be delivered to the agent community:

We manage the campaign.

We update it.

We monitor the campaign with the use of dedicated web landing pages.

We provide the feedback.

We do all of this for a typical 30% charge on the media cost. And we get the media from 15% to 50% discounts. Then we get freebies.

We are able to save sugnifcant dollars with a hotel's use of our co-op purchased space but deliverd under the hotel's own brand,

We advise of all the Best Practices in GDS and Consortia Marketing for Hotels.

:: view many varieties of campaign and artwork style echoing the brand specifics >

One hotel client in Chicago executed a complete renovation and name change and needed to communicate that to all of its corporate and leisure consortia and travel agent clients.

We prepared an instant campaign over 2.5 months with just 15 days from conception to first drop.

ROI for Consortia Marketing

Investment: $17,400

ROI: The result, just over those 3 months was a 0 % to 600% increase in the 6 different consortia used.

The overall ROI over just those 3 months was at least a direct attribution of 7.4 with a year over year forecasted increase that translates to an ROI of 17.

Consortia and Travel Agent Communication Programs

Consortia: This is communication direct to the travel agents via their consortia. Landing web page for further reference at our dedicated travel agent web site: (required by Consortia as there can be no links to your own website with a Booking Engine)

Marketing, e- mail, web landing pages -- all work together for ROI.

Investment: from $3000-$4000 per consortium for 8 to 12 months coverage

ROI: one client in 2 months gained between 0% to 600% market share over 6 consortia and increased forecasted Consortia revenue by $240,000 - giving an ROI of 17.5 and has added 200 engaged travel agents to their sales base.

Travel Agent E-mails: using our lists plus yours ( and kept sacrosanct), copy writing, offer design, artwork, personalized send to each individual agent, full reporting with analysis of all links clicked and every e-mail address that has acted.

Investment: $850 for 8 co-op sends spread over 12 months

ROI: with the right offer, one can pick up 5-25 agent contacts to be worked. Each contact is worth a projected 3 nights min, which at $135 average rate = a min ROI of 19. This requires a real offer to the TA.


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