Panetiere Marketing and Sales Advisors has 3 Job Openings – team consultant positions available

1. Hotel Sales Task Force Consultant
2. Hotel Catering Sale Task Force Consultant
3. Hotel Catering and Conference Services Task Force Consultant

We are looking for team members who can excel at:

• Director of Sales and Marketing Task Force – looking for one member
• Senior Sales Manager Task Force Roles – looking for one member
• Conference Services Manager Role – looking for one member

If you are one of the above and you have:

• at least five years of hotel sales experience
• strong Delphi skills
• compassionate
• rigorous ethics
• eager to do project work as this isn’t a salaried position
• easy accessibility to tier 1 or tier 2 airport
• proactive personality and work style
• leadership and mentoring skills
• yet flexible, go with the flow kind of personality
• self-motivated

Then we would like to get to know you.

Our Task Force Consulting Team Includes
Senior Sales Managers
Senor Catering Sales Managers
Conference Services Managers
Marketing Managers
Directors of Sales and Marketing
Revenue Optimization Managers
VPs of Sales and Marketing
General Managers

Please consider the talent and temperament needed to be a “Consultant – Independent Contractor” as against an “employee.”

• This is not “employment”; there is no healthcare, no unemployment, no workers comp. The remittances are computed as 1099 income. You are responsible for your own taxes.
• This is “project” based consulting and the projects do not usually fit together without pause.

Consulting with Panetiere is NOT for you if:

• You are looking for a fulltime job.
• You need regular income guaranteed and health care.
• Are challenged by being away from home.
• Are not keen on constant change and a fluid work environment.
• You do not believe in ownership and accountability.

Consulting with Panetiere is a good fit for you if:

• You know that you can be and want to be your own “boss” – be an entrepreneur.
• Can leave home comfortably for months and months, just returning every two to three weeks.
• Really enjoy the challenge of the new, the different.
• You understand that your actions reflect upon everyone – the client and all of the Panetiere consultants.

Where are we?
We have team members based throughout the US, mostly in first or second tier airport cities. Easy airport access is valuable.

Where are our consulting projects?
All over the US, with a preponderance of clients in Southern California, Arizona and New England. Our consultants seldom have a project near home, although it does occasionally happen.

The Application and “getting to know you and you us” process for joining Panetiere Sales and Marketing Advisors

1. We review your application and resume’
2. If we see a possible fit, we set up an aptitude and work methods test.
3. If the test comes back with positive results, we set up the initial discussion with one of our principals.
4. If there is value for each, we do a second video interview.
5. If there is still value for each, Cindy Perkins has a discussion.
6. If we and you are still comfortable, then you have a discussion with a team member.
7. If all are still comfortable, we review references.
8. Then we arrange for you to fly to one of us or we fly to you for an in-person meeting
9. We ask you to review and sign our On-boarding and the “Way We Work” Documents
10. If all still comfortable, we move to signing a consultant agreement and getting you on a project.
11. On your first project, we will be there for a day or two – as a resource for you and a way for us all to learn more about each other.

Continuing Support We check in with you every week.

• You write a weekly report of basic statistics referencing productivity and goals.
• Cindy Perkins, our Director of Consulting reviews the report and discusses it with you before submission.
• We are always available for support and strategizing – text, email and call.

How the Consultants Work

• We are hands on.
• We roll up our sleeves and are not afraid of the “dirty work”.
– We can’t tell you how many file clean up parties we have initiated and taken part in.
• We are focused. We know that time is of the essence in helping a property reach it’s greatest potential, respond to new market conditions, competitors and still achieve revenue goals.
• We also know that consulting time should be kept to a minimum. We respect the property’s budget so we work fast. We do not nickel and dime.
• The reports that we write are in line with the vision and culture of our clients. We do not recommend expensive, pie in the sky programs and tactics that are unrealistic and unproven.
• The Marketing and Sales plans that we write are short on generic verbiage and big on specific goals, strategies and tactics. They are focused so that the property can implement them without having a PhD in marketing or linguistics.
• We look for ROI, always for ROI.
• Fee remittance is generally bi-weekly.

If you would like to be considered, please see the online application below.

Thank you for your time,
Cindy, Eric and the whole team at Panetiere.



Apply to Join the Team

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