The Panetiere team is staying on top of the information that, almost daily, comes out regarding Covid-19. We are taking classes through John Hopkins University to ensure we are up to date on the latest preventive safety measures and participating in hotel and event industry seminars and certificates regarding planning, celebrating and food/beverage specifications and traveler needs. This to ensure we are providing our clients AND their clients with the latest approved techniques.

In so many ways! Many hotels are facing monumental financial loses and talent lay off’s which will take months maybe even years to recover from. Hotel Task Force can assist hotels through this time by offering remote services, per project services and hourly rates to assist during this time. Each client need is different, hotel task force can work with you to minimize your loss and in turn create market gain.

One-way hotel task force can help is provide conference service planning per event. Remotely, the task force team can work with your meeting planner to plan the event. The task force team will communicate with your operational team on-site and ensure all BEO’s, Resumes, diagrams, etc. are completed and distributed for the events success.

It is often a concern, as planning a wedding is a special occasion and the family wants to ensure that on their special day everything that was planned comes to fruition. A hotel task force social catering specialist knows how to work with the brides and their extended families to ensure their comfort and often are ultimately invited to the wedding!

A hotel task force consultant can work with your clients, respond to your leads, communicate your Covid-19 safety measures to your clients and much more to ensure you still have revenue coming in. Task force consultants know what faucets to turn on, know what is needed and most importantly how to get it done.

Absolutely, hotel task force consultants are experienced sales, marketing and budget plan developers, writers, and executors. Task force consultants are staying on top of the travelers revised needs and expectations, they know what changes need to be made to ensure realistic expectations.

Great question. A task force consultant will work with you to ensure your comfort. As an example, the hotel can request that the task force consultant test before they leave for your hotel, to ensure a negative test and then again when they arrive. Task force consultants should travel with masks, sanitizers, wipes, UV wands and adhere to the standards recommended by CDC and the guidelines your hotel and organization has set forth.

It is unfortunate that so many people are in financial struggles during this pandemic. At the time of publishing 1 out of 4 hotels are struggling to make their mortgage payments. Bringing in a hotel task force company to provide your best opportunity for hotel revenue capture is recommended. Many hotel task force companies like ours, partner with banks, ownership groups and investors to keep the doors open and people employed.

Yes, in fact this is a great way for your hotel team members to get up to speed on the other facets of hospitality. Because hotel task force team members are trained in many hotel operational aspects of the industry including hotel reservations, guest services, hotel food and beverage associates, catering and conference services and many other departments they are perfectly positioned to assist your team. Departmental cross training can be accomplished quickly and affordably by hotel task force team members.

Using a hotel consultant company to sort out “where to go next” is beneficial, whether in a pandemic or not. They provide a neutral look at your market potential, provide hotel process evaluation and solutions, review of team members to ensure the team talents are being utilized, and much more. The hotel consultant will provide a complete hotel analysis with a road map working next to you to ensure success.

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibuSocial media and the hotel website are two critical locations for communication to your potential hotel guests. Slowly but surely people will return to traveling however their expectations and focus are turned toward safety and cleanliness. A hotel consultant company can monitor and communicate within your social media platforms to ensure your guests know what you are doing to ensure their safety and the safety of your team members. Responding to your reviews, whether negative or positive has always been important. Now more than ever and the hotel consultant can ensure that it’s done in a professional manner.s leo.

Fast forwarding, the pandemic is over, we have a vaccine and more meetings are happening, business travel is coming back and we see a light at the end of the tunnel. A hotel consultant company can provide task force members to evaluate what your hotel sales structure, hotel operational structure and provide revised Standard Operational Procedures for post pandemic operation. How your hotel was structure pre pandemic may not be the why it will be most successful post pandemic. A hotel consultant company can assist navigating to ensure a successful operation.